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BodyWorks LLC is a personal training company based out of Washington, DC. Our approach to fitness and health is a lifestyle necessity that encompasses everything from not only the physical but also the mental. We provide all of our clients with an array of different services that include general fitness, muscle activation techniques, weight loss, athletic training and conditioning.
BodyWorks LLC is ready, willing and eager to assist, instruct and guide you through a personalized exercise program designed to help meet all of your individual health and fitness needs.  Whether you have a set work-out schedule or are a trainee looking to get started, we can and will provide you with the fitness tools for your healthy achievements.

BodyWorks offers personal training services in gyms, office buildings and homes. We can also assist you with the right gym setup for your home to assure that you have the right gym equipment that maximizes space and is cost effective.  

Whether you want one-on-one personal training or group sessions with a personal trainer, BodyWorks will help you to attain results faster because our exercise programs are very effective. All of your dietary needs will be reached by working closely with a registered dietitian. Together, we will help you to meet all of your fitness and nutritional goals and give you the best personal attention that you need.

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